Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department

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32647 State Highway 187 North
Vanderpool, TX 78885

(830) 966-5500
Please call 911 for all emergencies!


Welcome to the Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department.

We are a volunteer, Texas based Department / Service Provider that covers portions of Bandera and Real counties. Approximately one-third of the ESD.

Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department
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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department is to minimize loss of life and property for all that live, visit, or work within our department boundary from the adverse effect of fires or exposure to dangerous conditions created by nature or man and to assist other emergency agencies as needed.

We will achieve this mission through training and fire education while providing the best services to our community. We strive to promote harmony and good relations with the community with events that bring the community and the department together.

We are committed to providing an environment which fosters teamwork among members. We desire to have an atmosphere of open communication which promotes the health and welfare of individual members.


Please call 911 for all emergencies!

There is no burn ban currently


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Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department

Vanderpool Fire Department Coverage Area encompasses 138 Square Miles across multiple counties. Vanderpool works closely with other departments to provide coverage over the ESD. Click to see a larger map.

Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department

Training is very important and something that we take seriously. All of our volunteers engage in regular training courses and drills so that we can provide the best service in a responsible and safe manner.

Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department

We're working for you! Please be aware that we occasionally land EVAC helicopters on the road. Please drive carefully when approaching an emergency scene for your safety and that of the volunteers.

Vanderpool Volunteer Fire Department

In Memoriam. Timothy Henry Ahrens, 61, of Utopia, Texas passed away Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at a local hospital in Kerrville, Texas. He was born to Helen and Ed Ahrens in Bound Brook, New Jersey.